Masonry Fireplaces

Rumford Fireplace in Natural Stone veneer

For efficiency and elegance, nothing beats a fireplace.  Your home will be more comfortable and valuable with a fireplace.  Prefabricated masonry fireboxes and flues ensure safety and efficiency in a way that on-site construction may not always provide.  Susi’s can guide you to a practical solution.  We offer safe, affordable masonry basics as well as hundreds of options for the outward appearance of the fireplace.

By the way, masonry fireplace inserts aren’t just found inside the home.  Outdoor settings allow you to extend your home’s practical living space. How about a wood fired pizza oven? We offer precast fireclay components from Superior Clay, which builds an extremely efficient oven. A pizza can take just 90 seconds to cook.  We also carry indoor and outdoor kits including FireRock’s extremely popular Pizza Oven.

Take a look at some of our important masonry Fireplace suppliers: