Smokeless Fire Pits

Why Use a Smokeless Fire Pit?

When the wind changes you’re probably scrambling to move your chair away from the cloud of smoke heading your way.  We feature Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits.  They’re made in Pennsylvania and they’re the best.

How Do Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits use a double-wall, secondary combustion design. When the fire is burning, the walls heat up and the hot air rises through the gap between the two walls, and exits through the line of holes around the rim. The pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and nearly burns it clean.  Good fire pits are made of stainless steel, contain flame, reduce smoke and have grilling attachments.  Thinking about upping your back yard game?  We can help.

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