Building and Landscaping Stone


Susi’s can help you select the right building stone for your home or hardscape. We have a dizzying array of natural stone products for your home or construction project.  We have sandstone from Ohio, quartz from Idaho or New York, Vermont slate or even granite from Wisconsin, there are endless colors and textures from which to choose.Slate from Susi's

In addition, there are many thin-cut versions of these beautiful stones which can finish for your project.  Natural thin stone veneers are used the same way one would use manufactured thin stone products. Sawed down to just an inch or less, natural thin veneers can be used for projects that don’t require the support of a full stone. Complete with “L” corners, these thin veneers are indiscernible from the thicker, natural versions.Susi Builders Supply Stone fire place

With a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, there is a building stone that will work for your project at Susi’sHow can we help?