Manufactured Stone & Natural Stone Veneer

Susi’s carries fine manufactured stone products from Coronado Stone®  Dutch Quality Stone®, Eldorado Stone®, Reading Rock®, Stonecraft®, Cultured Stone®Casa Di Sassi and ProVia®. Manufactured stone veneer provides the elegant look of stone for a fraction of the weight, size and cost. Use stone wherever you would use siding or even over drywall. Update your home by covering other masonry products such as exposed cement block foundations.

Natural stone veneers are quarried stone products that are split and shaped to provide a true real stone facade that installs in the same way as Manufactured Stone. “L” shaped corners gives the full bed depth look without the weight. Often, the costs of real stone is the same as manufactured stone products. This then provides a new level of authentic options that were until recently unavailable. You may want to consider products from Get Real or Old World Stone to achieve a stone veneer look that can’t be discerned from full bed depth stone masonry.  We’ve recently added Slimstone to this product category. Slimstone is real stone veneer on a flexible, waterproof backing that provides a stone look at a fraction of the cost.  Additionally we are proud to represent Natural Stone Veneers, Beonstone, and Yukon.

Come see the possibilities at Susi’s.